How it Works

Installation steps:
First the Front/Rear Separation 
Step 1: Stick the hook tape to the car roof and press it back and forth repeatedly.(The tape on models with roof lights must be attached to the roof)
Because the surface of the roof light is smooth, the tape is stronger here.
Step 2: Stick the short velcro to the door post and press it back and forthStep 3: Tear off the backing paper of the matte side tape , and center the film on the left and right.
Step 4: Press the bottom of the film with a foot pad.

Second: The Driver Seat Position:
Follow the same above steps but add the following:

1. After measuring what is suitable to your car size, glue the front glass and center of console with double sided adhesive and you can cut the excess of the material that is not needed after all is attached.